Tristan Soler was born in Paris in 1967, where he still lives. He is married to the photographer Sarah May, with whom he has two children, Lou and Roman.
As a visual artist, he works with painting, sculpture, drawing, and performance art.
His work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad. He collaborates on various publications as a critic, illustrator and graphic designer. He also writes novels, short stories and poems. He has worked in the theater as set designer and actor.
He teaches visual arts to children and teenagers.
He is a graduate from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.
He has a passion for travel, having visited more than thirty countries around the world, especially in Asia, in order to discover people and their arts as well as nature, with a particular interest in bird watching.

Group exhibitions

Moulin du Roy, with Act-Up, against AIDS, Sens.
International Workshop, Brande, Denmark.
Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Prix Fénéon, Paris.
Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpêtrière, Paris.
Salon de Montrouge.
Voeux d'Artistes, Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt.
Galerie Jean Attali, Paris.
Galerie Maeght, Barcelona, Espana.
Galerie Guigon, Paris.
International Workshop, Brande, Denmark.
Katharsis Gallery, Fusion-art and GPK gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Solo exhibitions

Galerie Caractères, Paris.
Librairie Marelle, Paris.
Amorphophallus, Galerie La Hune, Paris.
Private exhibition, Paris

Private collections

France, Espagne, Danemark, USA, Russie.

Works for the living arts

L’enfer du bibliophile, short cuts of Eddie Benalia, Paris.
Désir, desire, desejo, scenery for the musician of jazz Steve Lacy, Gubelkian Fondation, Lisbon, and Porto, Portugal.
Épreuves, exorcismes, scenery for an adaptation of Henri Michaux by Catherine Zittoun, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.
Casse-pipe, after Céline, adaptation of Olivier Maltinti, actor on the play, at Le Hublot, Colombes.
Les taches sombres, by Minush Jero, adaptated by Dominique Dolmieu, actor on the play, at L'Échangeur, Bagnolet, and in Albania, in Tirana, Durres, Skodra.


Jean-Louis Gerbaud, une sculpture du symbolique, in Barca ! / Poésie Politique Psychanalyse N° 15 : L’Utopie du Virtuel.
Jean-Paul Longavesne, Machines à peindre, interview by Louis and Tristan Soler, in l’Âne, le magazine freudien, N° 56.


Amorphophallus, a book by Louis Soler, Tristan Soler and Sarah May, Maeght editions, 2001.


Horizon fixe, by Jean Couvreur, éditions Caractères, 1999.
Kenneth Rexroth, L’Âne, le magazine freudien, N° 60.
Jazz en suite, by Franck Médioni, éditions du Guarde-Temps, 2000.
Ce que Lacan disait des femmes, by Colette Soler, éditions du Champ Lacanien, 2003.
Fièvre, by Anton Pashku, Les taches sombres, by Minush Jero, 2002, and Le trou du péché, by Yorgos Maniotis, 2004, éditions L’espace d’un Instant.

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